I finally have 150 followers ^_^

Contest time!!

To enter either Reblog or like this post. Simple enough but I will have 10 winners because I haven’t done this before. I will draw pony, human, and anthro.

The first 5 winners get a picture of their OC doing ANYTHING with at least one or two more characterswith a full attention to my photoshop powers like presented in the left picture.

The bottom five winners win a picture of their OC period quality based on how lazy I feel will not be as great as the top 5 but STILL GOOD!

Winners are choosen at random

To boost your chances of winning you have to:

  • Be following me
  • Like and reblog this post. :P
  • Signal boost me
  • Or send some fanart my way

The offer will stand all day long and I will be reblogged twice. Once for the morning peps and a second time for the night peps so they don’t miss out. This is my first art contest soooo have fun ^_^